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Roll Call…….

Not too long ago, I signed up for Sitemeter as a way to gather stats on my blog and its readership. Not that I know what to actually do with any of the info – but it’s cool to see where you are all coming from.

Sitemeter does not tell me that Suzy Q, or any specific person, is reading my blog – but it will tell me where reader “x” hails from. Here are some of the places people are coming to visit me from…..

Camarillo, California USA
Alexandria, Virginia USA
Isl*mabad, P*kistan
Rome, Italy
Alblasserdam, Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands
Moers, Nordehin-Westfalen in Germany
Daytona Beach, Florida USA (we are all coming to visit you in person)
Langhorne, Pennsylvania USA
Bristow, Virginia USA
Maple, Ontatio, Canada
Jakarta, Jawa Barat in Indonesia
Casablanca, Morocco
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina USA
Brisbane, Australia
Bombay, India
Republic of Korea
Tallin, Estonia
Los Angeles, California USA
Chennai, India
New Delhi, India

And then a million other places – okay, maybe only 35,000 other places – but close enough. So what we have here is a little United Nations of the Blogsphere.

Tell me where you are coming from……………