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I am reminded why voting is so important…

This week I have been on my “stop calling me” bandwagon. I have been tired of answering the phone only to hear a recorded voice tell me what I should do today – who I should pick.

I honestly don’t believe it makes a ton of difference what I personally think – even if I am in a “battle ground state”. It’s cold outside and I really don’t want to leave my house. I am tired of the political ads and the promises that don’t mean squat. I am really tired of the millions of dollars that are spent on plane rides and commercials when people are hurting. That money could be used for so much good. But alas. This is our political process.

And, today, I realize, I am taking a lot for granted.

So, I will vote today. I will exercise this right to vote that others have died to protect. I will mark my ballot with a grateful heart that I can. I am educated enough to read the ballot, healthy enough to stand in line, and free enough to voice my opinion without danger. So I will.

And today, I am reminded of Khan – our former driver in India and how thrilled he was to be able to vote. You can read his story here.

So if you are able, vote today. If for no other reason than you can.

Asking for your votes…..

This week I entered a poetry contest. The prize being a 20 minute consult with Rachelle Gardner – who I mentioned just the other day. She seems so fabulous.

We had to write a haiku about St. Patrick’s Day or about writing.

I wrote this one

Why do I have to
Write a haiku to talk with
you? Can’t I just call?

There were over 250 entries and I made the finalists list.

If you are so inclined (insert my begging, pleading voice here), you can go here and vote for it. Names are not attached to the polling box, so you have to find it by the wording (see above 😎  )

Voting ends at 11:59p on Saturday, March 24th – so please hurry. And thanks!

UPDATE – I won, I really did! Yeah for me and thanks for voting!

I voted ma’am……….

The elections are going on in India right now and I have been trying to decide whether or not to write about them. I have hesitated mostly because I just don’t know that much about them. I do know that India is the world’s largest democracy – so you can imagine with a billion people voting, there’s a lot going on. Part of my problem has been just how exactly to narrow it down. There are many, many candidates and political parties – I think about 30.

The voting has been going on since sometime in April – it takes a month to get all the voting done. It is an amazing process. People get the day off. People have been killed at voting stations.

Last Thursday was Delhi’s day to vote. Delhi police sent out 55,000 policemen to monitor the voting stations. Expats seem to mostly agree that it’s better just to lay low on election day. Markets can be closed – protesters can be demonstrating. It apparently can get quite chaotic.

Well, our driver Khan solved my little writing dilemma. I asked him to run an errand for me on Thursday. He asked if he could stop and vote along the way.

Of course.

Then, a while later, he dropped me off at school. He rushed out of the car to open my door. He had the biggest smile on his face.  Like a kid who just won a pony – not a mere ride on a pony – but a whole pony. And he said, “I voted ma’am.”

That is great Khan. Very, very good.

Yes ma’am. Sonia. Congress. I voted ma’am.

Oh, I have heard of her. Very good!

Still smiling. Yes ma’am. I voted. He left me with the impression that I simply did not understand the magnitude of this privilege for him. And when you really think about the implications of this – there are a billion voters in India – Khan believes his vote was important – that it matters. Wow. I can tell from the look on his face it does, in fact, matter very much.

In all the time he has worked for us, he has never really initiated conversation. I don’t say this lightly when I say that I believe that this is the most important he has ever had to say to me.

It took me by surprise. The thrill of the vote. Yet another thing I guess I have been taking for granted. I vote and I am proud that I vote. But I have forgotten the joy of voting. What a luxury it really is.

Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to vote. I have just been reminded what a precious gift it really is.