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Tastes like chicken…………

We don’t eat a lot of any street food in Delhi, so I was very surprised when my husband went all “game on” over the street food in Thailand. There seems to be more of it in Thailand, especially Bangkok, and he wanted to try some new things. I offered to take pictures – giving me the “oh, I would love to, but I don’t want to get anything on the camera” excuse. He did not eat all of the things you will see pictured, but he did eat chicken butt. I cannot find the picture of that. But here is one of hubby eating “canal” food. A lady on a boat will pull up to your boat and sell you some bbq chicken. And you will suspend your reality and believe it is chicken. Fascinating.

Number one hubby also ate crocodile – at the crocodile show.

Yes, you read that right – he ate crocodile at the crocodile show. Maybe it is just me, but I think there is something fundamentally wrong with eating crocodile at the crocodile show right in front of the c.r.o.c.o.d.i.l.e.s. Especially when one of your fellow humans is about to do this. No wonder they say revenge is sweet.

I personally have a v.e.r.y. hard time eating anything that is looking at me.

These were some of the biggest shrimp I have ever seen. In Asia, they are called prawns, which makes perfect sense because there is nothing “shrimpy” about them. And, you are right, they don’t look as appetizing before they are “prepared”.

I don’t know if these are chicken feet or octopus. I am thinking octopus but really, it could go either way. And, nope, did not try.

I am always happy to find something recognizable that is not staring at me. These strawberries looked delish.

These little gems are called Century Eggs. Yes, I completely agree – eggs are not supposed to look like that. No, we did not try them. Because of the way these eggs smell, there is a myth that they are soaked in horse urine. Yeah, that’s about all I need to know about them. This is what century eggs look like in a buffet at a hotel.

And this is what they look like on the street. I am off the school of thought that both of these are a big fat pass.

Not sure what some of these next things are … if you know, please enlighten us all….

(and yes, I am aware that there is a sign in this picture that probably tells me exactly what this is – but I have this little obstacle called “I can’t read Thai” – so I still have no idea what it is – they look like mini lunch bags though)

This is honestly a little more my speed – cucumbers.

We tried this coconut concoction when we were in Singapore. It was not all it was cracked  up to be.

I am so sorry – was that a little corny?

old delhi………

I have heard a lot about Old Delhi – and I finally got to go. It is not the place you want to venture out on your own for your very first visit. I never, ever felt in danger – in fact I got some of the most beautiful smiles I have seen since I have been here – but it is narrow and dusty and fast moving. It is not laid out neatly – you can easily get turned around. So, it’s just better not to go at it alone the first time. It was a super quick trip and I plan to go again – and soon. But for now, here is a little taste of what I saw.



We rode the Delhi metro – it was loverly. Really clean and very easy to navigate. This is the way to go!


There were lots of vendors selling food. It is beautiful but, no, I did not eat any of it.



I loved this water pump – it seemed so out of place and so in place all at the same time. This man is washing off his broom.


You could buy veggies. Very fresh veggies.


And tassles. Yummy tassles.


And you can see people working really hard.


And animals working really hard.


And more wires than you could ever count – in the land of technical assistance call centers – this irony is not lost.


This guy was a great big smile just waiting to happen.


A great big smile.


The streets are narrow and crowded – but it is a fascinating place.


I was offered medical books here. Too bad I don’t need medical books. There was quite a selection.


And you know I loved the kick arse doors in this place. They rock!




This visit was too short. I plan to go back and see the wedding district, the spice market, and the nut market. Plus whatever else the day has to offer.

To Market, To Market…………….

As you probably have gathered, I have enjoyed exploring the markets in Delhi. They are full of interesting people, beautiful colors, and good deals. I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I have taken of food stands along the way.

But first I will give you some updates. You might remember that I spent $48 on a kilo of cherries. Yes, that was outrageous. They were yummy – but no cherries are that good. So it turns out that it was actually 2 kilos that I bought – no that doesn’t really make it sound any better. And the cherries were imported from Australia. I did not ask for their passport. But, I now know to ask for Indian fruits and vegetables. They are delicious and a heck of a lot cheaper. It helps to know what is in season. Apparently, cherries are currently in season in Australia – not India. I will wait until they start growing here to get more. I have also been told if each piece of fruit is individually packaged in a cute little wrapper it’s probably imported – translation – more expensive. I did not know that I WAS buying Italian apples. Grazie – but Indian apples are fine, thank you.

Since, my first trip to buy fresh veggies and fruit, I have gotten a lot smarter. On my last shopping spree, I got all of this for $7 – a head of lettuce, 4 tomatoes, 6 bananas, a pineapple, a small bunch of grapes, 3 very large carrots, a small carton of strawberries, and 4 apples. They were all from Indian farms.

I finally got back to the chicken market to take a picture – it’s the last one. Vegetarian anyone?

In the U.S., we have farmers markets and I loved shopping in them. But here, everything comes from a food stand and it’s all fresh. Enjoy.


This is a common site in Delhi and all around India.


I did not think the grapes looked that great here. But I finally decided to try some and they are fabulous.


Chestnuts (or peanuts) roasting on an open fire.


I am not sure what all is on this stand. But the colors are amazing.


We don’t eat the flowers – but the flower stands are everywhere and lovely.


I don’t buy our chicken meat here and I am not looking for a pet – but I wanted to show you that things really are very different here.

Not weird, just different…………..

Before we left on this grand adventure, I had several fireside chats with my kids. One of them focused on different v. weird. I wanted them to not use the word weird – ever. Things are just going to be a little very different.

So, you what’s different, you ask. Besides everything, you mean?

Let’s see…………..

Queso is not here. Bummer. Big Bummer. I miss her scratchy cat kisses.

Milk has to be boiled and only lasts a few days. We used to go through about 6 gallons of milk a week – we are not doing that now. And, it does not taste weird – just different.

You absolutely cannot drink water out of the faucet – we brush our teeth with filtered or bottled water.

Fruits and vegetables have to be soaked in a cleaning solution for at least half an hour before you eat them. Even pineapples.

Electrical outlets have on/off switches. Yep, you have to turn on the outlet – then turn on whatever is plugged in.

My underwear got ironed yesterday. No I am not kidding. Yes, that is horrifying. It was especially funny to me because it was a pair with a hole in it. I am also laughing that my underwear is big enough to iron – okay, it’s not that funny.

The newspaper comes at 9pm at night.

Our doorbell rings like a bird chirping. They ring the doorbell when they drop off the paper. That is not weird – but a little unnecessary.

All of my friends and family are asleep when I am awake. That seems at least lonely and maybe a little weird.

I get a salad for lunch and dinner every day – and I do not have to make it! Raju puts corn in the salad sometimes. Bonus.

Yesterday we ordered McDonalds for lunch. It was delivered to our door. They do not sell hamburgers or nuggets but the chicken sandwich was quite yummy. They do sell a Mexican chicken wrap. That is not weird, but it is funny (at least to me).

Bear, Flower, and Angel have eaten something at every meal that they have never had before. They have (really) liked almost everything. The only thing they did not like was the refried beans. I can’t say I blame them – a little goes a long way.

Flower will take Spanish in school.

Bear has two elective classes – they are Odyssey of the Mind and Lego Robotics.

Angel will get to take an art class after school and a freestyle dance class. Flower is thinking about joining a rock climbing club and bollywood dance class.

Some men hold hands here. I don’t think they are gay – they are just holding hands.

You walk and drive on the opposite side of what we are used to. This is sometimes a problem when walking down the stairs. The school has arrows on the steps to help you remember. I think that is more for the adults than the kids.

There are men that ride around on bicycles selling things. They shout out what they are selling in a steady jumbled song. The first time I heard it, I thought someone was crying – now I just wish I knew what they were saying. They almost fall off their bike when they see my white-skinned self. It is pretty funny actually – I am quite sure they think I look weird. I don’t think their moms have had a chance to explain different yet.

The windows let in all the noise from outside. This is only a problem when fireworks go off in the middle of the night.

The toilet paper is not very soft. At all.

There is a lot more that is different – but I can’t use up all my material in one post. So, I’ll be back with more later. So life here is not weird, it’s just not what we are used to. See the difference?