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This is (kind of) funny………….

Upon hearing that we were moving to India, I got a boat load of questions – the two most common were by far….

Do cows really roam the streets there and aren’t you going to have like a million people working in your house?

The answer to number one quickly revealed itself as YEP, they sure do.

And number two was – well, not exactly a million.

Now, if you are used to doing most of your own housework, shopping, cooking, driving, and cleaning, having a “staff” initially sounds very appealing. And once you get the right staff, it is really nice in many ways. But there are shortcomings and some of them make me laugh.

Here is what happened today.

As I have mentioned, we just got a new cook. So far she rocks. She made homemade chocolate chip cookies today. Sweet mother of chocolate chip God. They were fabulous. Yes, they WERE, because we have almost completely polished off the entire double batch. And yes, by saying we, I really mean me. And, yes, I promise not to complain about gaining weight later. Pinky swear.

Oh wait, before I can pinky swear, I have to lick this chocolate off of my pinky. There. Okay, now, I pinky swear.

Laxmi is also doing laundry for us. And putting laundry away. Enter the funny part.

I wear tank tops under my shirts because it is too flippin hot here for a bra with padding and/or underwire. My 10-year old daughter also wears tank tops as a pajama top. So does my 12-year old son – as an undershirt.

Do you see where this is going? I have never been accused of being well endowed – even pregant, I was a member in good standing of the little bitty committee. But, even if you are fully aware and even accepting of reality, it is not exactly a boost to your ego when the person who puts your clothes away confuses your tank tops with your son’s and daughter’s tank tops. Really, truly it is not.

For the Love of Faucets…………..

After visiting the Toilet Museum, I realized I have my own little showroom of interesting plumbing. Let me show you what I mean.

First of all, every room in our house that has water has its own water heater. In the U.S., typically there is one water heater for the entire house. These water heaters in each room work fine – the one in the kitchen could be a little larger but it works well enough.


Each bathroom has one of these drains by the toilet.


And also under the sinks.


And you need a degree in engineering or a teenager to figure out the showers. 😉



And finally, the kitchen sink. An advanced degree could be helpful here.


The white box to the left of the faucet(s) is the water filtration system.

Maybe some one could explain this more precisely – but each house also has a water tank – often they are on the roof. You can actually run out of water here – so far we have not – but you can. I think our house also has a tank underground.

Yesterday we were without water for 4 hours while the tank was cleaned. Nope, I did not mind that one bit – if you are trying to keep my water cleaner, I will (gladly) do without water for 4 hours. Thank you!