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Country Mouse in the Big Apple……

This weekend, Number One Hubby and I snuck away to NYC. We scrunched a lot of  stuff into a little bit of time but it was awesome.

Of course, I started out by making some new friends. New York City’s finest really are the finest. The police presence is everywhere and they are delightful.

We walked several blocks and then decided to hop on the subway (when we realized we had about 6 miles to go). The stations are a bit grimy but I was surprised that the trains weren’t super crowded. Hubby didn’t really want me taking pictures on the train and drawing attention to us for being tourists, but I don’t always listen so well. 😉

And, besides, I am not exactly sure what it is about this look that screams, “tourist”.

I don’t like to fly and I am not a fan of crowded spaces, so the idea of a helicopter ride wasn’t exactly appealing to me. Hubby really wanted to do it, so I put on my big girl life vest and climbed in.

What I learned about helicopters right away is that they tilt forward when they take off. It kind of feels like you are going to slide off your seat right in to the deep, cold, dark water below. Not fabulous.

But our sweet pilot straightened us out quickly and we flew past the Statue of Liberty first. She is just beautiful. In all her welcoming glory.

Amazing. Really. Amazing.

And then we flew over Ground Zero (which I will write more about in a later post) and over the skyline of the city. We saw the new building that will tower over the terror that struck two buildings down on 9/11. We saw the Yankees Stadium and Times Square and Central Park and Rikers Island and the Brooklyn Bridge.

I can’t believe I am saying this but I highly recommend the helicopter tour if you have time.

When we were leaving the heliport, we saw these guys dancing. Welcome to New York, baby. They were lots of fun.

We ended the night with dinner at The View restaurant – a rotating restaurant atop the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square – and a show at Caroline’s Comedy Club.

Did I take a picture with the headliner John Witherspoon? Now, that is a silly question.

And please notice I am wearing cute tops the entire trip. I spared my poor hubby the sweat pants/white t-shirt fashion mishap I usually don. 😎

I have lots more to share and will write more tomorrow.

DJ, Spin that thang……….

I have a blog friend – Loco – who writes about his adventures as a black American living and teaching in Japan. I really enjoy his blog – but I enjoy his responses to the readers’ comments even more – he soaks in the responses he gets and makes them a part of his ever evolving self. He reminds me not to get huffy when someone does not agree with me – not necessarily in my blog world because I know you all love me and agree with absolutely everything I write – but in real life, all of my encounters are not so agreeable. (Yeah, I know you don’t always agree with me either, whatever.)

Several of his posts deal with his encounters on the train and how no one will sit near him – unless they are a pick pocket – and he talks about how he sticks out like a sore thumb. Sometimes I wonder if he takes his interactions a little too personally and I will ask him if he has thought about it another way.  Yeah, I am sure he is not always thrilled to see AReason2Write in his in-box. But he truly is always reflective. And he always gives his readers ideas thoughtful consideration. (That is unless you are a complete arse.)

Yesterday, I walked a  mile in Goin’ Loco’s moccassins – I was craving me a little American somen somen to eat – and our cook no longer cooks for us – so I decided to visit the Subway Sandwich Shop at Khan Market.

I walk in and pretty much everyone turns around and looks at me. No biggie. Sometimes, I like that rock star feeling – so lookie lookie – just no touchy touchy. I was listening to the music and it was pretty typical of the music I generally hear around town. Jingles and chanting and fast beats. Then I swear I heard Ashton Kucher say “DJ, spin that thang.”

The record scratched and “Sweet Home Alabama” started playing. No, really, I swear it did. Now I love me some Sweet Home Alabama. But I am curious – guessing that I am American is not a big stretch at all – I look me some American – but how did they know I was a southern American?  And why did they not offer me some sweet tea?