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No Appointment Needed…………

If you have a blog about India, at some point you are going to post some pictures like these….

All along the streets in Delhi, you will see these roadside barber shops. They are charming spots where men stop to get a shave or a haircut and they appear randomly along the way. It is one of the few things in Delhi that still surprises me. I am losing some of my awe at the things I see because now life in Delhi is becoming so normal – things are just the way they are – not so amazing any more – still interesting but no longer shocking. But these little stands still cause me to turn my head and wonder. I am not sure why, but I find them so fascinating. They absolutely capture my attention every time I see them.

Update: I went to a lovely lunch today and, while there,  met some fellow expats who also blog about India – I have added their links to my blogroll (Mezze Moments and Mrs. Expat). Some of the other ladies at the table had questions about blogs and we talked about this post I wrote today. It finally occurred to me why these barber stands fascinate me so. They are the perfect example of how simple life can really be in India. To be a barber, you really only need a mirror, a chair, a pair of scissors, and a customer. You don’t need chairs that raise up and down, an assistant, fancy lighting, a receptionist, a certificate, or  a wall to hang a certificate on. When and where don’t always matter so much. Anywhere and anytime can be the simple answer. Right here, right now. I can imagine a man walking down the street, scratching his neck, and thinking “I need a haircut.” He simply turns a corner and – wahlah – there is a barber. He spends a few minutes and even fewer rupees and he can be on his way. I can certainly learn to approach things more simply just from watching the barber on the corner.