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Gray is the new white……..

There is no doubt that India is the land of vibrant fabrics and beautiful cloths. Just a few clicks thru my blog will highlight how lovely the women dress here. Everywhere you turn there is color.

We all have wondered why the colors are so alive. And I think I may have solved the mystery. This is what happens when you wash white clothes here….

The sock on top is from a pair that I just bought at Christmas. The pair on the bottom is brand new.  So after just a few washings, gray is the new white.  😉

On parade…………

I was with a group of American ladies walking thru the streets of Delhi and we came across a group of Indian women walking through the streets of Delhi. It was a funny moment as we passed each other. You will see from the pictures the vast array of fabrics that Indian women wear. They are just stunning – the women and the clothes they wear. I have never seen so many women walking together at one time and it seemed like a parade. Surely, they felt bad for us in our drab clothing – I am sure they wondered why we looked like we were melting in the heat that we just cannot get used to. I am sure we made some connection over estrogen, comfortable shoes, and the universal truths of womanhood on a very esoteric level but I am not poetic enough to put words to that today. Really, we were all giggling like little school girls. It was a cool experience.

Many of the women motioned to us to please take their picture. It really is too bad that they have absolutely no idea that people all across the world will smile today because of them…