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Pictures please……….

I got a lot of requests for pictures of our new house, so here they are…………..

This is our new little family of cats. They are so skinny and adorable that I just had to give them food and water. Don’t worry, they are not allowed in our house and the kids know not to pet them. In fact, Angel told me that I was not allowed to pet them. She knows me well. Flower asked me if I could take them to the vet and get them checked out so we could adopt them. That would be “no”. They are not exactly the kind of souvenir I am hoping to bring back from India.

You might wonder why I am showing the picture of these cats first. Well, besides the fact that it is the first one I have taken so it is the first in the queue, they are part of why I love this house so much more than the other one. We have a little outside space and these cats feel comfortable here. They lounge in our chair and hide in the shade of our plants. It makes our house feel more like home.



This is where we eat. In our old house it was also our entrance way and the center of the house. It is very nice to have a space kind of isolated away from the rest of the house for homework and family dinners. It’s a mess because – well because it’s a mess.


Next up, family room. See that window over there – awesome – the sunlight actually comes through it! Yahoo!


This is the center of the house – you go up a few stairs to the kitchen, dining room, and our room. Down a few stairs to the family room and office. Marvelouso!


Rooftop Patio. Loverly.


And, remember I love doors. This is ours. The best thing about this door is that it is not up a dark, narrow hallway and no one else uses it but us. Smile, smile.


This is the new home for our stray kitties front patio. It is so nice to be able to let the kids paint with chalk or jump rope or just bounce a ball.


Kitchen – self explanatory. It is so interesting that in India most kitchens do not serve as the center of the house. They are tucked away on the side usually with a door and guests do not gather in them. They are meant for the staff. This is where our driver and cook hang out when having a tea break. Bizarro. In America, guests gather in the kitchen.


This my little home away from home closet – yes we have storage space now.  And, yes, I know that most of these items are available in Delhi – but they are imported and outrageously expensive here. So, I loaded up. Some of these things are not available – triscuits for example and teddy grahams and combos.


And here is where it all happens. The nerve center – my writing oasis. My office.


I did not show you the bedrooms because I just do not know you well enough yet. 😎