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How did he do it?

Lots of people have commented that number one hubby has lost weight and they all want to know how he did it. I’ll say that he was certainly not jabba the b-u-t-t to begin with, but he has gone down at least two pants sizes since living in India.

He did not go on a diet and he did not start working out like a madman – but some things are different.

First, he is no longer working in our kitchen. That goes a long way in reducing the amount of food readily available.

He also switched from regular soda to diet soda. Real men do drink diet soda and they lose weight – especially if they drink a lot of soda.

Then there is the fact that Indian cooking is mostly from scratch. And not the kind of scratch where you open a can of something and doctor it up a little. I mean really from scratch. Fresh everything – that means there is not a lot of salt in the food or preservatives.

Plus it’s hotter here. I think we sweat more. I don’t know if that helps but it doesn’t hurt.

And, even though McDonalds delivers here, there are no cheeseburgers or Big Macs. The fries are delish – but when you aren’t wolfing them down with a cheeseburger┬á you don’t get as many calories.

Although, a lot of Indian people run 7-11’s in the U.S., there aren’t any here. So, sadly, no slurpees.

So it’s not magic – it’s fresh foods, less junk. You can see I am well on my way to being a scientist. ­čśÄ

Note: And for those of you who know him, you will get a kick out of this – yesterday he started a yoga class. Anyone want to start a pool on how long that will last? hee hee

tick tick tick – DING

Did you see that little number over there on the left? Blog stats – it just changed to 1,000. That means 1,000 times someone checked in to see what I was writing – that is very cool! Thank you for caring! And, believe me, I have tried to see if I can boost the number by logging in and out of the site. WordPress must have a stealth detector – it knows it’s me everytime and does not increase my stats when I log in. So thank you for following my journey – McDonalds better watch out – I am creeping up on their schmancy fancy┬á “over 1 billion served”. How do you like me now??? By tomorrow, I am sure to be able to say “over 1,000 served”.

Hugs and kisses to you all. Maybe I will give out a prize from India when I hit 10,000 served. Hmmmmm.