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College Essay Writing Tips Series

Since so many students are stressing about their college essays, I’ve decided to write a series of College Essay Writing Tips. The links to each post can be found below:College Essay Writing Tips - the full list

Tip # 1 Helpful Revision Techniques

Tip # 2 We Are All Beginners at Some Point

Tip # 3 The Writing Process

I will update this page as new posts are published.

Best of luck with your essay and keep writing!

Attitude Adjustments………..

I am working hard to make gratitude more present in my life. This week is a fabulous reminder to be thankful. Plus, it is my favorite holiday! I just love everything about it! Every. single. thing.

Recently, I have discovered Joyce Meyer. She is a minister who focuses on how we approach our daily challenges. She basically tells her audience to get over themselves. Yep, I love her!

Yesterday, I was listening to one of her sermons on attitudes. It was called  Attitude Adjustments. See, she’s sassy. We all know that we are responsible for how we respond to something/someone. But it was a loverly reminder to just get over myself. She said that our problems are rarely our actual problem. It is usually our approach to our problems that gives us such grief.

When I am upset with someone, I am simply wasting my time. Mainly because the people who upset us don’t generally dwell on us. They move on much more quickly from the hurt they inflict than the person who feels undermined by them. But also because time spent being upset can be better spent as time being happy.

If a person or situation continues to upset me, then I just need to spend less time with that person or in that situation. Rocket science, my friends.

If I cannot look right in front of me and see all the blessings that I have, then shame on me. Actually, shame on me twice.

So, in this week of Thanksgiving, I am going to take a minute and celebrate the gifts in my life – and then I am going to focus on those.

  1. Of course my family (and dear friends) top the list.
  2. Being able to breathe is a close second.
  3. My husband/children are safe and healthy and willing to work for what they want.
  4. Being a stay at home mom.
  5. My stupid diabetic cat that is the sweetest furball on the planet
  6. I rediscovered jello – did you know that grape jello tastes like dimetap medicine. Yum!
  7. I am writing again.
  8. You are reading what I write (you didn’t think I would leave you out, did you? Come now.)
  9. Our military, its leaders, and our veterans
  10. Teachers
  11. Doctors
  12. Rainy/Snowy days where everything gets canceled.
  13. Ladybugs
  14. Sweatpants
  15. Being able to hit the delete button and most of the time remembering to do that before I hit the send button.
  16. A good pencil that makes my handwriting look better
  17. Cheese, potatoes, tacos, salad – ok, let’s just say all things food
  18. I would be remiss if I did not mention Diet Dr. Pepper that has been graced upon this earth by the beverage gods
  19. My children aren’t that interested in finger paint and playdoh anymore – of course, if they wanted to delve in, I would totally let them – I am just sayin’ I don’t exactly miss peeling playdoh out of every crevice known to motherkind
  20. Books and stories
  21. Pretty paper and fun stationery
  22. A front door and a roof
  23. I pretty much have more than I need of everything
  24. I can be content with what is “sufficient” and not expect “over the top”
  25. And thumbs, I am very grateful for thumbs. 😉

Oprah used to encourage her viewers to keep a gratitude journal. At first I thought that her suggestion was kind of hokey – but I get it now. If you are focused on the good, the bad has a hard time creeping in. It took me about 3 minutes to come up with a list of 25 sincere things that make my life better.

I am so fortunate that this list barely scratches the surface but you probably want get busy on your on list so ta ta for now (yes, I am also thankful for Tigger and Pooh) – and Happy Turkey Day. Gobble Gobble!

And, what makes you grateful? Do tell…..