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Superhero Complexes…

I am going to try really hard to not make my new favorite blogger, Jeff Goins, sound like an amazing superhero writer with a magical pencil – but only because his blog tells  me not to. And that is the only reason.

Because I heart his writing and practical advice about writing. And today he invited another non-superhero to guest on his blog.

In this post, Jeff’ guest blogger Denise Urena reminds us that our heroes are just people.

She talks about the authenticity of fanship and how we have a greater purpose than simply admiring the work of others.

Denise goes on to say, “This is not what we’ve been called to do. We’ve been given a greater opportunity than merely sucking up. We have something to contribute, too.”

That is pretty powerful.

We all have power and potential. We really just need confidence.

If you aren’t sure why every single one of us should embrace that confidence, read this post by Jeff himself – the awesome blogger who is probably not really a superhero – but is a dang good writer. 😉


America was rocked to its core on September 11th.

I posted a question on Facebook today asking people what they were doing when they heard the news. You could hear the heaviness in the answers. A lot of my friends were pregnant and/or parents of young children. Myself included. You feel the weight of parenthood more than you could ever imagine when you think of protecting a child in a world where hate is more than just mean-spirited and ugly – a world where hate is deadly.

America rejoined the ranks of so many countries who have lost their citizens too soon. Every country has a story – every citizen remembers when hate took over where patience and acceptance should reside.

Today there was a September 11th Commemoration Service at the American Embassy. I went. I am so glad I did. You probably know by now that I am big on counting blessings. Consider them all counted today. Every single one.

Timothy Roemer, the American Ambassador, hosted the event and spoke about his time on the Congressional 9/11 Committee investigating what happened. Today, he focused on the flight that went down in Pennsylvania – about the heroes who refused to simply be victims. Did you know that the people on that flight took a vote before taking on the terrorists? Democracy in action.  Amazing. Even in the face of such hatred, they took the time to make everyone’s opinion count.

He talked about the parents who called the plane and had barely a minute to share the news with their loved ones. To hear their voices – probably very shaken. To tell them what was happening and to say goodbye. I cannot imagine.

Mr. Roemer emphasized the importance of not forgetting. Of remembering forever. He also emphasized equally the importance of finding the strength to be resilient. When we are too scared to care about one another, whether it be across driveways or across oceans, terrorism wins.

He talked about the families who put their anger aside to make a difference in the fight against terrorism. Who gave willingly of their time and energy and talents to make America a safer place. The families worked with Congressional leaders to change the way America works and protects itself.

To have such grace – I am not sure I could. And I hope and pray that no one ever has to dig that deep to forgive and move on again.