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She did it again………….

Jennifer Tigges is going strong on her commitment to write a letter a day. She is chronicling her project on “A Letter a Day Keeps the Sadness Away“.

She wrote to me (and several other card designers) asking for donations of note cards. I sent her a few and she continues to use them to send handwritten notes to people who have positively impacted her life. So fun!

She sent this thank you note to Jennifer Engler

Jennifer Engler's Thank You Note

And this birthday card to Lisa Dolan

Birthday Card for Lisa Dolan


I have to say it’s been pretty fun to see who is getting my note cards. Usually they leave my hands and venture off never to be heard from again. I hope the recipients enjoy them!

Thoughts for a New Year………

I am doing alright so far on my Thanksgiving resolution to not have an opinion about flippin’ everything. 

Okay, the reality of it is, I still very much have an opinion, but I am (doing a better job of) exercising constraint about when it is necessary to actually express it.

So, rather than being over-ambitious and trying to take on too many promises, I am going to offer a prayer that I hope to remember throughout the year.

I pray mostly for perspective, patience, peace, and a sense of humor.

Beyond that I pray that, as humans, we remember that this home of ours called earth is a gift and that we will learn to exist in it and not simply rule over it.

I hope to be more compassionate and generous, especially when it is hard.

I pray to care about myself enough to take care of myself.

I hope to make the most of my talents and share them graciously whenever possible.

I pray to forgive more and to need to be forgiven less.

I hope to celebrate the beauty in imperfection.

I want to do a better job of appreciating those who appreciate me and spend less energy on those who do not.

And I pray that I will continuously count my blessings and overcome my challenges and that I will do it with laughter, intelligence, and sincerity.

Lastly, I pray that those who are less fortunate or alone or scared will find comfort and it will be gladly given by those who have much to share.

Happy 2011.

Am I smarter than a third grader……………..

You would think so, but my third grader is thinking “not even close.” Last night I tucked her into bed and she was complaining that I spent longer in her brother and sister’s room than I spent in her room. And, that was as I was walking in the door. Yeah, put your seatbelt on.

(Have a mentioned before that we have a college-savings plan and a therapist-savings plan?)

Me: Honey I am just not sure that is true
Her: It is (Enter big arse tears)
Me: I just got here
Her: But you n.e.v.e.r. stay here as long as you stay in THEIR rooms

By way of background, Angel’s grandmother bought her a new bed that arrived yesterday and will (prayerfully) be assembled today.

Me: Well, the good news is that you are getting a brand new bed tomorrow. Isn’t that exciting?
Her: You a.l.w.a.y.s. do that
Me: What?
Her: When I am mad at you, you always try to distract me with something happy.

Dear heavens. Please start praying for me now. She has broken the mother code.