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Tastes like chicken…………

We don’t eat a lot of any street food in Delhi, so I was very surprised when my husband went all “game on” over the street food in Thailand. There seems to be more of it in Thailand, especially Bangkok, and he wanted to try some new things. I offered to take pictures – giving me the “oh, I would love to, but I don’t want to get anything on the camera” excuse. He did not eat all of the things you will see pictured, but he did eat chicken butt. I cannot find the picture of that. But here is one of hubby eating “canal” food. A lady on a boat will pull up to your boat and sell you some bbq chicken. And you will suspend your reality and believe it is chicken. Fascinating.

Number one hubby also ate crocodile – at the crocodile show.

Yes, you read that right – he ate crocodile at the crocodile show. Maybe it is just me, but I think there is something fundamentally wrong with eating crocodile at the crocodile show right in front of the c.r.o.c.o.d.i.l.e.s. Especially when one of your fellow humans is about to do this. No wonder they say revenge is sweet.

I personally have a v.e.r.y. hard time eating anything that is looking at me.

These were some of the biggest shrimp I have ever seen. In Asia, they are called prawns, which makes perfect sense because there is nothing “shrimpy” about them. And, you are right, they don’t look as appetizing before they are “prepared”.

I don’t know if these are chicken feet or octopus. I am thinking octopus but really, it could go either way. And, nope, did not try.

I am always happy to find something recognizable that is not staring at me. These strawberries looked delish.

These little gems are called Century Eggs. Yes, I completely agree – eggs are not supposed to look like that. No, we did not try them. Because of the way these eggs smell, there is a myth that they are soaked in horse urine. Yeah, that’s about all I need to know about them. This is what century eggs look like in a buffet at a hotel.

And this is what they look like on the street. I am off the school of thought that both of these are a big fat pass.

Not sure what some of these next things are … if you know, please enlighten us all….

(and yes, I am aware that there is a sign in this picture that probably tells me exactly what this is – but I have this little obstacle called “I can’t read Thai” – so I still have no idea what it is – they look like mini lunch bags though)

This is honestly a little more my speed – cucumbers.

We tried this coconut concoction when we were in Singapore. It was not all it was cracked  up to be.

I am so sorry – was that a little corny?

Swimming with the fishes (and sharks)…….

You might remember that we just got back from a vacation in Singapore and that I said there was so much to do. I think we did just about everything – except apparently the slingshot. Dang it – somehow I just did not know about that one. One of the first things we did was visit the aquarium.

In a weak parenting moment, I agreed with my husband that it would be a great experience for him, Bear, and Flower to swim with the sharks in the aquarium – Angel and I decided that they really should have someone taking pictures of their adventure to document it for the ages (safely from outside the tank) so we did not join in on this one…

Yes, that would be my family petting a shark. Thankfully it was a shark with smallish mouth.

And, not just sharks, but eels too. Goody.

Oh yeah and rays. The bubbles coming out of my sons regulator show that it surprised him just a tad to have this ray come swimming right by him.

And this is my daughter telling me to get used to holding my breath while she tries new adventures. Bear and Hubby have the same opinion.

Angel and I snorkeled. I probably have not told you how much I do not like fish. And, in particular,  how much I do not like big fish. And how much I do not like big fish swimming around me. Oh, and they gave us raw fish and shrimp to feed the very big fish so they would come even closer to us. That was simply brilliant. And they let us squeeze into put on these wet suits. Yes, I love my daughter very much and she had a great time.  Actually, it was fun – except for the whole very big fish thing – I did get to pet sting rays. Very cool!

Angel kept asking me why I was not putting my head underwater to see all the really big fish. I simply explained to her that I was having so much fun watching her that I did not need to see the fish. Wink. Wink.

The whole aquarium was really pretty cool. Seahorses always capture my attention.

And jellyfish – especially very cool jellyfish that change colors with the light – especially very cool jellyfish that are locked away in a tank and cannot possibly sting you.

This guy was unusual.

And talk about crabby. Did they really need to combine a spider and a crab? He was pretty dang big too.

There was also a seal show. What’s not to love about a seal show? It was fab.

We are big fans of turtles of all shapes and sizes.

So, don’t miss the aquarium if you venture out to Singapore!

Doctor Fish and Butterflies…………..

Do you know about this? It is called a fish spa. You put your feet in water and these fish eat your dead skin cells. I know it sounds really icky – but it is very relaxing! And you leave with smoother skin – it is a pedicure a la fishies.

The little fish come nibble on your toes and feet and calves. They create a vibration sensation. The spa will serve you tea and you just sit back and relax. It is good to know that the tanks hold different size fish and they all feel a little different. The larger ones were my favorite. It does tickle a little at first, but you get over that quickly.

I am sure it is all hocus pocus jibber jabber – but it was fun to try it once. Here is what they claim…

We did this while we were in Singapore. I understand these spas exist all over the world. I will definitely do it again.

We also went to the Butterfly Park on Sentosa Island. It was magical – very large butterflies flitter and flutter by you and might even land on you.

There were also other creatures like turtles, birds, lizards, and even some snakes (in cages).

There is also a tremendous insect collection inside the park. They are all pinned to boards – which sounds mean – but these are some big arse bugs – you will be v.e.r.y. thankful they are not alive and cannot move. And FYI, if you live in Colombia or Brazil, you might want to invest in some industrial strength bugspray and be very careful where you walk.