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Ooops, I did it again……………

I just got home from a 3-day field trip with 120 fifth graders, some teachers, and several other parents who did not have the good sense to not raise their hands. We rode on a train to Ranthambore in India. I never thought I would find myself on a train in India. It just was not on my list of things to do. In fact, it was pretty high on my list of things not to do.

But nothing ventured – nothing gained. Right? Right.

So, I went on the train and Flower and I got to see tigers – again.

Ranthambore is an amazing place – it is a wonderful wildlife sanctuary and has a tremendous fort. I will share more about our journey with you soon. But, right now I am going to go take a shower, eat some food I recognize, brush my teeth, go to bed, and not worry about what 120 fifth graders are doing – or not doing. 😎


There is a Cactus park in Delhi – maybe it’s Cacti park – whichever – there’s a park with prickly plants in it. Flower’s class recently went there for a field trip and I got to tag along. It is a pretty cool place. I clearly don’t remember the exact name of it – maybe someone who reads along will remember. I know you are probably thinking, “didn’t you get  a hand out or something?” The answer would be yes – and I lost it. So, no help there. Apparently I walked away with the handout from the teacher too that I wasn’t supposed to keep – lost that one too. So, nope, I won’t be able to identify any of the specimens for you. Sorry.

Yes, I am sure to be fired soon.




If the students don’t listen to the teacher – they have to sit here.


Now that is a pathway Peter Pan would have loved.


This was a lovely Buddhist thing – I am honestly not sure if it is a temple or a shrine or just a statue. But whatever it is, here it is. Tres cool.


And another very fun bridge. Did you notice that neither bridge has water running under it – do you notice a theme here? Does anyone know why it doesn’t just go straight across? I am guessing just because – but if there is a more scientific explanation, I am all ears.

She’s crafty……….

Those of you who know me, know that I know my way around a craft table. Pass me that glue gun. STAT.

So when I heard my daughter’s class was going to the craft museum, I just might have pushed a mom out of the way to get in line. Okay, not really, but I might have if I needed to.

So I went with 100 4th graders to the craft museum. They were well-behaved and, for the most part, interested in seeing the displays. Flower walked with me (almost) the whole time. It was a lovely afternoon.


We did not walk around with a guide, so I do not know what all the pictures represent or what era they are from. You might not learn much here, but they are fun to look through.


These are dolls – yes, I am sure you could tell that yourself. But just in case.


No, this is not a picture of my children – it was an exhibit. If you cannot behave yourself, I am not going to show you anymore pictures. 😉


This is my new throne. My traveling throne.


This is my traveling throne when I am not feeling quite as royal.


This is what number one hubby and I look like doing yoga. And yes, we have come so far that we can balance ourselves on the ledge of a window. Actually I think these are musicians, but that wasn’t as funny.


This cloth is embroidered – it was stunning.


I really have no idea. But isn’t it cool?


This was one of the outside walls. It has dimension which I didn’t quite capture, but just imagine the white parts being raised up a bit.


I was eavesdropping – I mean the people next to me were talking really loudly – so I found out that this is a wedding mural. I believe the groom is the blue guy with two heads. No, I do not have a comment on that.


I know it’s bad to steal and, let me be clear, I do not steal – but if I was gonna – whoa!


This dog is not an exhibit – but you can hardly go anywhere in Delhi without seeing stray dogs. They are part of the experience.


This little boy’s mom was a craft vendor. She was exhibiting her talents and selling her craft items. She was a weaver and he simply spun himself around my heart. He is just beautiful and I absolutely fell in love with him.