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On parade…………

I was with a group of American ladies walking thru the streets of Delhi and we came across a group of Indian women walking through the streets of Delhi. It was a funny moment as we passed each other. You will see from the pictures the vast array of fabrics that Indian women wear. They are just stunning – the women and the clothes they wear. I have never seen so many women walking together at one time and it seemed like a parade. Surely, they felt bad for us in our drab clothing – I am sure they wondered why we looked like we were melting in the heat that we just cannot get used to. I am sure we made some connection over estrogen, comfortable shoes, and the universal truths of womanhood on a very esoteric level but I am not poetic enough to put words to that today. Really, we were all giggling like little school girls. It was a cool experience.

Many of the women motioned to us to please take their picture. It really is too bad that they have absolutely no idea that people all across the world will smile today because of them…









She’s crafty……….

Those of you who know me, know that I know my way around a craft table. Pass me that glue gun. STAT.

So when I heard my daughter’s class was going to the craft museum, I just might have pushed a mom out of the way to get in line. Okay, not really, but I might have if I needed to.

So I went with 100 4th graders to the craft museum. They were well-behaved and, for the most part, interested in seeing the displays. Flower walked with me (almost) the whole time. It was a lovely afternoon.


We did not walk around with a guide, so I do not know what all the pictures represent or what era they are from. You might not learn much here, but they are fun to look through.


These are dolls – yes, I am sure you could tell that yourself. But just in case.


No, this is not a picture of my children – it was an exhibit. If you cannot behave yourself, I am not going to show you anymore pictures. 😉


This is my new throne. My traveling throne.


This is my traveling throne when I am not feeling quite as royal.


This is what number one hubby and I look like doing yoga. And yes, we have come so far that we can balance ourselves on the ledge of a window. Actually I think these are musicians, but that wasn’t as funny.


This cloth is embroidered – it was stunning.


I really have no idea. But isn’t it cool?


This was one of the outside walls. It has dimension which I didn’t quite capture, but just imagine the white parts being raised up a bit.


I was eavesdropping – I mean the people next to me were talking really loudly – so I found out that this is a wedding mural. I believe the groom is the blue guy with two heads. No, I do not have a comment on that.


I know it’s bad to steal and, let me be clear, I do not steal – but if I was gonna – whoa!


This dog is not an exhibit – but you can hardly go anywhere in Delhi without seeing stray dogs. They are part of the experience.


This little boy’s mom was a craft vendor. She was exhibiting her talents and selling her craft items. She was a weaver and he simply spun himself around my heart. He is just beautiful and I absolutely fell in love with him.

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling……..

Today, with no one but me to do laundry, I actually folded some clothes. I opened my daughters’ dresser drawer to put away a shirt – I shifted some things around to make room – and I was almost knocked over by the softest, gentlest breeze of fresh air I have ever felt and smelled. I swear it whisked my bangs away from my eyes. My head tilted back. My eyes closed. My imagination took me across oceans. There might have even been angels singing. Oh heaven. The commercials are true! Fabric softener does make your clothes smell like a spring breeze.I might just buy stock in Downy.

There must have been something in that drawer that my daughters have decided is not India worthy. It has been left unworn, untainted at the bottom of their drawer. And it is the only thing we have left that still smells like home. (Well, to be fair, the cat litter still smells the same – but somehow it just doesn’t compare.)

Our bath towels have long ago lost the softness and smell of home – their loving feeling. Now I get my loofa scrub when I get out of the shower and dry off with a towel that has been hung out to dry.

So I stood at the drawer for a minute and I thought. Think. Think. Think. There must be something I can do. So I decided to conduct a little experiment.

My blog friend at Mr. Smith Goes to Delhi had told me that dryer sheets were hard to find here. But what she didn’t say was dryers were harder to find. So, I did bring some dryer sheets with me. But, alas, we don’t have a dryer – well, unless you call God sneezing a dryer, but at least we don’t have a dryer that utilizes dryer sheets. So, they have sat unused on top of our washer. Until today. I put two in the washer with my towels. They did come out smelling nicer than they have been smelling. They are drying now and I will let you know how it goes.

P.S. I know some of you are thinking – they have fabric softener in Delhi – just buy some of that. Here is where you have to have lived somewhere that has a Tide laundry detergent/Downy fabric softener combination available to use with your laundry. And you have to have been somewhere where dryers aren’t uncommon. And you have to have smelled clothes that come out of the dryer toasty warm smelling of that combination. It’s similar to fresh bread coming out of the oven – except it’s fresh bread that you can wrap around your body. Soft, warm, spongy fresh bread with melted butter on it. And your doctor just insisted that you must stop the ridiculous dieting right now and gain 5 pounds already. See what I mean? Heaven!

And, yes, I have seen Tide here. But it comes in very small packages and it is expensive. So, please remember, I have three children who would like to go to college at some point. India has convinced them that being homeless is not the career path they hope to follow. So they might have to suffer through scratchy clothes in order for us to pay tuition. If I decide they aren’t actually college material, bring on the Tide – but that is yet to be determined.