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A Book Review – Drinking Diaries….

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Casting stones…………

While I have been trying to decide whether our cook is dishonest or whether our guard is dishonest or whether I really even care at all, I have been living in a glass house and tossing a few pebbles of my very own. It seems that I have become what I hate the most – T.H.A.T. parent. My imperfection came through loud and clear not too long ago and I sincerely offer my apologies to anyone who I have dubiously dubbed “that” parent in the past. I am now dining on my previously heartfelt declarations of “how could they” and “why would they” and am suffering the indignity of my own recent indiscretions.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Mumbai for a swim meet. There wasn’t a lot of time left for sightseeing beyond the edges of the pool deck. So, when some friends of ours invited us to go on a bus tour of the city, we jumped right on. We don’t really have plans to return to Mumbai because there is so much we want to see outside of India. That meant that the tour sounded like a good way to take in a few sights quickly. We could at least say we had “seen” Mumbai. We landed in Mumbai in the early afternoon, went to the hotel, washed our faces, and started the tour.

It took a little bit longer than we thought it would. Traffic in Mumbai is crazy. So we got to dinner late. Very late. Bear and Flower were spending the day with host families so they were not with us. But Angel (our youngest) had no choice but to tag along. In her full glory, she fell asleep right in the middle of a battle of the bands competition at the Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai at ten o’clock at night. We even sat in the bar area – just to make it more ridiculous.

I have cast many a stone at parents who “find it necessary” to keep their young children out late at night. I can only imagine what I would have said about myself had I seen me drinking a glass of wine with Angel asleep next to me. Tsk. Tsk. I managed to successfully navigate my 7 year old through a bar at 10p at night in the midst of music playing so loudly that she surely lost some of her ability to hear – and yes, people were smoking and drinking and gyrating. Gasp. It was not my finest hour. I will be casting those stones no more.

The other adults with us ate super fast so that we could scoot out as quickly as possible. But I did manage to finish my glass of wine first. And yes, I bribed her to be good with a teddy bear from the gift shop. He can keep her company while I leave her completely unattended to accept my mother of the year award. Brittany Spears nominated me so I have no choice but to accept. 😉



Water, Water Neverywhere………..

One of the main reasons that number one hubby wanted us to move to India was to see what the “rest of the world” was like. India is very different than the United States for many, many reasons. Because we have moved here, we have learned that we have taken a lot in life for granted.

This neighborhood does not have running water. Water is delivered here. You get a little bit and you better make good use of it because you won’t get any more until the truck comes back.