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tick tick tick – DING

Did you see that little number over there on the left? Blog stats – it just changed to 1,000. That means 1,000 times someone checked in to see what I was writing – that is very cool! Thank you for caring! And, believe me, I have tried to see if I can boost the number by logging in and out of the site. WordPress must have a stealth detector – it knows it’s me everytime and does not increase my stats when I log in. So thank you for following my journey – McDonalds better watch out – I am creeping up on their schmancy fancy  “over 1 billion served”. How do you like me now??? By tomorrow, I am sure to be able to say “over 1,000 served”.

Hugs and kisses to you all. Maybe I will give out a prize from India when I hit 10,000 served. Hmmmmm.