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Old Habits Die Hard………..

Okay – is it ADHD or Alzheimers or just very simply jet lag – I really am not sure – but somewhere in the middle of that riddle you will find my ailing brain.

I went to the school today and had a meeting. Well, I thought it was just a parent coffee. It turns out that it was a technology seminar on dealing with middle schoolers and technology – well, mostly Facebook. Hmmmm. How close am I sitting to the door? The topic of blogs came up, too. I think my blog is calling. Maybe I should go now. I am a repeat offender. And, no, I did not introduce myself as the Facebooking, Blog-Everyday New Mom in Town. So shhhhh, don’t tell. Let’s just leave it between me, you, and oh yeah, the internet.

Seriously, though, it was interesting. Very interesting. About half of the 6th graders at the school have a facebook page. The school staff was very careful to not encourage or discourage – it is a parenting decision. But they did explain that this is quite simply the way of the world. And letting them try something new while they are still listening to what you have to say – well, that is something to consider. And, when they are a part of the working world, they will need to be able to network on a number of levels – personally  and technologically. Mostly though, Facebook is at least interactive, it is better than watching the idiot box we call t.v.

However, there are pitfalls. Many pitfalls. The main one being that whatever you post has a carbon footprint that will last for at least forever.

One of the moms did offer one tip – let them do it only on the weekends. This means it will not interfere with homework or other school activities. Note to self – weekends only. Good idea.

Bear has not asked to be on Facebook yet – he is still happy with his newly acquired email account – and I am of the parenting persuasion that if he isn’t asking, well I am just not telling. So, we’ll cross that teenage bridge when he brings us to it.

Then I did a couple of other quick things – met the Athletic Director – my kids are really, really missing their sports. Got some info. Then I went to the cafeteria – it turns out the cafeteria has a bakery. Oh, I did not know that. But, I do now.

Then off to the library. I am allowed to check out books at the library. So I got Five People You Meet in Heaven. I mentioned it here and would really like to re-read it.

Then it was time to go. So I go out the to picnic table by the library and earnestly start searching for my keys. Yes, I do mean my car keys. And, yes, I pulled out my wallet and my notebook and was very puzzled as to where I could have possibly left them. Say it with me – possibly the United States. Over there – across that big body of water called an ocean. Perhaps that is where my keys are. If you are new here it might be helpful to know that I don’t have a car – I have a driver. A lovely man named Kahn. He has the keys – yes, in the car. So what I really need is my cell phone – which has been in my hand the whole time. But honestly, it took me about – oh, I dunno – a full minute and a half to realize I might be completely losing my mind.

I am standing the middle of the campus of the very new school my kids are attending with books from the library and bread from the bakery – yes, many, many reminders that I am no longer on U.S. soil – and I cannot find my car keys because they just happen to be at my dad’s house in the United States. I wonder if this is what Ronald Reagan felt like.

THe HoW aND Pi oF iT………….

My son wants to solve pi.

Now we are talking. Finally some 6th grade homework I can get my fork around. Really??

That’s really too bad. It really, really is too bad. But, I think I’ve got it.

Realization number 1.
Not that kind of pie. Pi. No “e” – huh? No pecans, no whip cream? Huh, huh? Can we at least work on this after dinner – a little homework dessert if you will?

Realization number 2.
Bear and I do not think alike in the realm of math. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Not even a 3.14 little bit.

We got through the left brain/right brain communication conflict and I think I might actually understand what he means. It turns out that pi is an irrational number. No kidding. I’d say it’s irrational – wanting to be used to solve math equations – the nerve. And apparently even thinking about it can cause irrational behavior.

Realization number 3.
Being irrational has little to do with the way pi behaves (or Bear for that matter) and much more to do with the fact that pi has an infinite string of numbers following the decimal. Pi represents the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle. Huh? I am not clear on why you would ever need to know that, but okay. (Please don’t correct me if I got that wrong – it will send my mind in to an immediate meltdown and I still have to work on math with my first grader. She wants to learn multiplication. I have explained zero and one, but she is interested in all the other numbers. Good Heavens.)

So anypi, Bear wants to solve it. Pi is often more simply represented as 3.14 for those of us who don’t have any more toes than that to count on and because it makes it easier to actually use in calculations. See Bear, there is a reason they rounded it off. And by “they” I mean mathematicians, the romans, possibly Einstein himself – someone who knew of what they spoke. Not me – I did not make it up just to make you crazy. Promise. ( I have pictures of you as a baby – no need for pi.)

Realization number 4.
I could care less what the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle is. Unless you are talking about a circle in the shape of a cookie. Yummy. Or perhaps a circle in the shape of diamond earrings. Pretty. But I guess if you really must know one or the other, you can use my new friend pi to figure it out.

And finally.
By solving pi, Bear means he wants to keep dividing the circumference of any circle by the diameter of that same circle – and carry that division problem out until it actually ends. That relationship is supposed to equal pi no matter what circle you use – apparently even an oreo would work. He wants to find out what the very last number at the end of the string of numbers in pi is. Scientist have used mega computers to carry that out 1,000 places. And poor Bear is left with his mega (non) computer called mom. Seriously, this isn’t going to end well. And if you buy into the whole irrational number theory – it is never going to end. Oh goody.

Now I am off to the kitchen. I just remembered that pies come in the shape of a circle. This still might work out okay. Endless pie wouldn’t be so bad. Yeah, yeah, we just went through this pi does not equal pie. DANG it!

More reason I miss Mr. W………….

6th grade math.
(Yes, this is a repeat, but not because I am lazy, but because it’s not getting any easier.)

Mr. W lets me sleep in.
(I had completely forgotten about this one – but it is a big one.)

Number One Hubby let me sleep in while he was home for Thanksgiving. And, while I slept all nestled in my bed, he and the kids decorated the house for Christmas and hug the stockings by the chimney with (out) care. He is good like that. That is why you might see mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe.

On the other mornings that he would let me sleep in, Mr. W would make the lunches for school, get the kids breakfast and then take them to the bus stop. Have you been to a bus stop in the morning lately? Baby, it’s cold outside. Today I learned that 2 degrees Celsius equals about 36 degrees Fahrenheit. (I also learned how to spell Celsius and Fahrenheit.)

Maybe I am not so big on spelling either.

Have a mentioned that I am not a morning person?

Our dishwasher has this unique (translation…..unnecessary) feature that allows you to actually turn it off. Not just have it not running – but truly turn it off – like a light. Mr. W feels that it saves on our electricity bill to turn off the power (what about the over 100 recessed lights you had installed, honey – oh, I forgot, that’s different -never mind). So, every time I filled the dishwasher (no, he didn’t do that – he didn’t want me to miss him too much) I would have to wait for the dishwasher to “initiate” before I could start it. It was annoying. Now, I miss that part of my day and I think of him every time I run the dishwasher.

I bought 2 white t-shirts and 1 off-white t-shirt yesterday. Mr. W would laugh at that. More white shirts? He would laugh. I miss sharing the tiny details of the day with him that never quite make it into our phone conversations.

He does know I bought Christmas dishes. He also knows I did not need Christmas dishes. But he does not care because he knows I really love Christmas dishes – even if we might not use them for the next two years. He is probably laughing at me for that too. Or maybe I should say laughing with me. 😉 (And, yes they are also white.)

My prayer list has gotten so long that it’s hard to remember it all. And now I find it necessary to pray every night.

Sleeping alone still stinks.
(Also a repeat – but a self-explanatory repeat, I believe.)