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What the hell are we doing………..

Verizon to spend $69 million

I just read this article on by Axl Logan on the Talk Android website. According to Mr. Logan, Verizon is going “above and beyond” for its customers this year and is spending $69 m.i.l.l.i.o.n. to provide mobile access at the superbowl for the 85,000 people who will be in attendance. They started the work the day after the superbowl last year so that they would be sure to be ready.

So let me break this down –

they will spend three hundred and sixty-five days


sixty-nine million dollars

so that 85,000 people won’t be without mobile coverage for a mere 4ish hours. “They can tweet away”. Well, I will certainly sleep better tonight knowing that. Argh.

Yes, America has real first world problems. Seriously.

I read not too long ago that a person in India is considered to being living in poverty if they make less than something ridiculous like fifty cents a day. I am no math whiz but I think fifty cents goes into $69  million a whole bunch of times. If Verizon teamed up with, a charitable group that provides livestock to villagers to promote their ability to survive, they could donate 138,000 cows to needy villages. (Each cow is $500.)

The only benefit I can see from this entire project is that there were probably a few jobs created, but our priorities are way out of whack. Way out. There are people starving in the world, children who are abused, sick people who have horrible diseases, entire villages that live without water, masses who are uneducated and we think it is necessary and appropriate to dedicate this volume of resources on providing mobile coverage for a flippin’ football game. Honestly.

Bits of Bacon……..

I recently heard a story about bits of bacon – maybe on YouTube, probably told by someone famous. I cannot remember the details of who and where but I want to share with you the “why”.

The story was told by a lady – I do remember that. And that lady worked in some sort of rehabilitation center or nursing home with elderly people who could no longer live alone because they needed assistance in some way or another.

As she was walking through the dining room at the end of breakfast one day, a rather crotchety older gentleman demanded bacon. She knew there wasn’t any left, so she told him she was sorry but there wasn’t any left (that might not be a direct quote, by the way). The man got belligerent and wanted to know why “everyone else” had bacon and he couldn’t have any.

In an effort to calm the man down, the woman told him she would go “see what she could do”. This settled him and settled the room and made her more than a wee bit nervous. She knew she had made a mistake even before she tripped over the words coming out of her mouth. She could hear her own words betraying her because she also knew there was no bacon. And she knew that this particular man was not inclined to greet her with a thankful hug for her efforts when she returned to him baconless.

So she searched the kitchen (and likely the heavens) for something that could satisfy the way she feared only bacon could. In her search, she found the pan the bacon had been cooked in. It had not yet been washed and there were bits of bacon in the bottom of it. So she scooped them into a bowl and presented them to the man. He was not impressed. He yelled again – maybe he included some obscenities but he, at the very least, pointed to the fact that the bits were not really bacon – just someone’s leftover mess.

And, the woman admits he was right.

He was already mad and her promise, which at first gave him hope, was actually dripping with inevitable disappointment and just made him madder still.

So the woman reminded her listeners not to offer what they know they cannot deliver. If someone is already mad – making them mad a second time isn’t really the best approach. We cannot do everything – and even if we could, we cannot do everything well. So we should focus on our strengths and accept our shortcomings and leave the bacon bits in the bottom of the pan. Because this….

is never, ever going to compare to this….

She did it again………….

Jennifer Tigges is going strong on her commitment to write a letter a day. She is chronicling her project on “A Letter a Day Keeps the Sadness Away“.

She wrote to me (and several other card designers) asking for donations of note cards. I sent her a few and she continues to use them to send handwritten notes to people who have positively impacted her life. So fun!

She sent this thank you note to Jennifer Engler

Jennifer Engler's Thank You Note

And this birthday card to Lisa Dolan

Birthday Card for Lisa Dolan


I have to say it’s been pretty fun to see who is getting my note cards. Usually they leave my hands and venture off never to be heard from again. I hope the recipients enjoy them!

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Fall for the Book ……………

A neighbor just told me yesterday that this week is 2010 – Fall for the Book week at George Mason University. So if you are anywhere near Northern Virginia, check out the schedule here. The dates are Sept. 19 – 24.

I went to one of the sessions today on blogging and ebook publishing. It was interesting to hear what people who are getting paid to write are doing right. All of the authors on the panel were science fiction/fantasy writers – so not exactly my genre – but I learned about some great resources and was inspired to stop resting on my unlaurels.

A Reason To Read……..

I have been meaning to get this blog going too – now it has started. When I am not writing, I will be reading and telling you all about it here.