Keeping promises to myself…..

Here is what I wrote today. telescope

The telescope sat by the stained glass window in the attic. A pact with a young boy named Henriech lay below it, also broken.

The boy’s grandfather, Albert Einstein, had left on a journey to America. He wanted to meet with the American President Mr. Roosevelt.  His grandfather had learned of a new type of bomb created with nuclear fussion and wanted to alert the American President to its danger, encourage the Americans to also research the possibilities.

Henriech had the letter his grandfather had written, then crumpled after deciding an in-person meeting would have more impact. Henriech smoothed the letter with his small hands and folded it twice before putting it in his science book for safe-keeping. The boy’s grandfather left him with a kiss on each cheek and a promise to return. A trip to Anchorage to see the Northern Lights was all but guaranteed.

Henriech sat in the chair by the window with the newspaper folded on his lap. He watched the night sky. It was cloudless and starless, a blanket of nothing. Hitler had come into power and his grandfather did not feel safe returning to Germany so he remained in America sleeping in a comfortable bed. Henriech slept each night on the wooden floor near the telescope, hidden from the watchful eyes of the soldiers on the street.

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