276 girls

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I am not a big follower of the news. It’s depressing and I never get the remote anyway.

But when I heard on the radio that 276 young girls were kidnapped during their final exams, the world seemed to stop spinning. I literary had to regain my balance and turn up the news. Did I really hear that correctly? When I realized it happened a few days before I heard about it, I wondered how that was possible.

How are we not all consumed with this? How can we be so focused on what the  the owner of the Clippers said and not be focused on the fact that  276 girls were ripped away from their families with the possible intent being to sell them into either slavery or the sex trade.

How are any of us sleeping at night?

A story on the news this morning was that they might have found Christopher Columbus’ boat. Who cares?

For weeks, we watched non-stop coverage of the missing Malaysia plane – not that coverage wasn’t important – but it was non-stop.

There are 276 girls missing in Nigeria and hardly anyone is talking about it.

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  1. I don’t have any words that effectively or intelligently add to the discussion, but I wonder if all of this starts with too little value being place on a human being? Can we trace some of the awful things back to that? It’s also too much power, money controlled politics … and so much more. The whole thing just infuriates me.

  2. it’s so much more and you can’t find the words because it doesn’t make sense! there simply are no words!

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