So Happy………

My friends arrived safely Wednesday morning and on Wednesday night I put them on an overnight train to Amritsar. And they still love me. tee hee.

We went to see the Golden Temple – the highest Sikh temple in the world. I have so much to tell you about it all – amazing – but in a little bit we are heading out on another adventure so I don’t have much time to write – but I will be back soon enough.

4 Responses to So Happy………

  1. Love it! Have a GREAT time …

  2. a lovely foto…i hope ur friends go back with happy memories ….

  3. Wow, your friends came to see you. i envy you. I wish i could get my friends to come here.
    13 hours???that’s a long flight.
    Anyway, nice pics!!

  4. Lovely photo! Look forward to reading about your experiences.

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