Gray is the new white……..

There is no doubt that India is the land of vibrant fabrics and beautiful cloths. Just a few clicks thru my blog will highlight how lovely the women dress here. Everywhere you turn there is color.

We all have wondered why the colors are so alive. And I think I may have solved the mystery. This is what happens when you wash white clothes here….

The sock on top is from a pair that I just bought at Christmas. The pair on the bottom is brand new.  So after just a few washings, gray is the new white.  😉

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  1. LOL! Cute and funny.

  2. I am curious, do your clothes have an india smell to it?

    We come back from India, and have to load up the machine with clean clothes and have to wash to get rid off that smell..

    not sure what it is… but my children have named it the India smell

    • That is a loaded question 😉 India has a lot of smells. My clothes don’t so much smell as they don’t smell – we are used to the land of Downy and great smelling Tide. And they are not very soft. We miss the softness as much as the (nice) smell.

  3. Every country has its own smell….I have often gone back with ‘US smells’ , ‘Continental smells’ or ‘Scandinavian Smells’ in my suitcase ….. of course some smells work for some people and some dont!!! Personally I love the fabric conditioners we get in the UK the best, however, Im not convinced the concept of adding more chemicals than necessary in clothes worn right next to the skin is absolutely vital, or for that matter , the right thing to do !!!! Sun dried clothes can be a bit stiff and rough to wear , but they absolutely have the best smell !!!!!!

  4. You can keep things white you know!!! I have the secret and it does work. Just soak everything first in the hottest possible water with some Tide, rinse it and wash. Works every time, even with a “little tykes” washer.

  5. No Clorox? That sucks!

  6. Hi there,
    You are completely right about the wonderful bright colours that Indian women wear. I lived there 10 months and I miss the bright colours so am enjoying reading your blog. In fact, I took one particular photo in a womens shop full of sari’s/jewellery etc with all of the bright colours – you can see it on my website above where I have a few photos from India which you may recognise in your ‘indian life’ 🙂 Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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