Alphabet soup…………..

Just in case you don’t remember every single post I write – here is a link to how numbers are “said” in India. It was called double oh seven.

Basically, for the number 911 – you would say nine double one. Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe not so much.

Well, today I learned that the alphabet can be equally confusing.

My name has a couple of “double” letter sets and one “w”. Which apparently can be easily confused with double “u” – although I have never seen a double “u” actually used anywhere.  (Well maybe in the word vacuum – but I was not calling a vacuum shop – I was calling a lab for blood work. Not exactly the same same. And, yep, I will fill you in on how I have become a science experiment very soon.) Just to make it more fun, my name only has one type of letter of the vowel persuasion – there are 5 of them – and they are all the same vowel. So in the 11 letters in my name, there are lots of repeats. In fact, in those 11 spaces, there are actually only 5 different letters. Yep, lots of repeats.

Does that make it hard to spell your name on the telephone to someone whose native language is Hindi? Of course it does. (Honestly, it wasn’t that easy in the U.S. either because my street name has all the same problems as my name.) But throw in accents – mine and theirs – and it gets a wee bit harder.

My big challenge today was to explain that it is “w” not double “u”. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard – does it?

Oh, my friend, I blog to differ……………..  😎

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  1. You must have a lot of patience.

  2. Now that I know you have a southern drawl, you should probably start using dubya fer ‘W’ 😛

  3. so u must have said ‘double u’ for w…..I’d suggest u start saying ‘doubloo’ for w, even though it may seem really stupid but that’s the way they’ll probably understand.

  4. LOL, oh my! That sounds like a pain.

  5. CanIRemainUnknownPl

    Ha Ha now think of an Indian trying to spell his name to some one in Texas !!!!
    I use NATO phonetics, people in US generally know T for Tango, B as in Bravo etc.
    You have a bigger problem, NATO is NOGO where you are! So use something like T for Tamilnadu :-), just pick city names or something common to the local people.
    A is in apple, B as in Ball and C as in cricket!!! and for you U as in Uniform should work good!
    I feel your pain but the gain is all yours 🙂

  6. CanIRemainUnknownPl

    and you should be happy that you dont have a Z in your name, that would be Zed in India and not Zeeee!!

  7. I never thought about that before with your name. Lots of repeats. That’s funny.

  8. badass – you just get used to it!

    Jasmeet – then I might be confused for George. 😎

    Reddy – I will try that

    Baba – it’s usually funny – that is after I hang up!

    Can I Remain- z indeed!

    Nancy – it could be a rap song – A to the R to E -A -S ………..

  9. Welcome to my world. In court reporting, 15 sounds like 50 half the time, and when people spell things, D sounds like B or V. Accents are a court reporter’s enemy.

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