Bicycling 101……..

Since moving to Delhi, I have seen a lot of very interesting things. But one thing that surprises me everyday is the number of different ways bikes are used here. I bet you thought a bike was just for riding. Well, not necessarily. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a Dr. Suess book when I see all the bikes.

One bike, two bikes, three bikes, four
Six bikes, seven bikes, look there’s more.

They’re in the street right by the car
Oh, how many bikes there are

This one needs a little push
His legs are going to feel like mush

This one carries tanks of gas
How much longer can he last

Some are big and some are small
There’s just no way to count them all

Some of them are even blurry
Their driver must be in a hurry

Tires, sticks, and so much stuff
The ice cream bike means we’re in luck

A little snack for a journey far
It would be easier in a car

One bike, two bikes, three bikes, four
Every where you look, there’s more…..












6 Responses to Bicycling 101……..

  1. Hysterical and very well done! I imagine no bike riding for you and your family, looks much too dangerous.

  2. Oh, not more bikes!!!!! Looks like my garage. You’ll understand when you read my post today. I’ll be sure not to let the boys see your post, so they don’t get any other ideas.

  3. Damn! Girl, where the hell have you been lurking around with the camera. Jesus Christ!!! Even I, a dilli guy, don’t go to these areas too often.
    But a good post. Since our economy is still mostly labour intensive, cycles and cycle-richshaws are bread earners for many. Cycle richshaws carrying passengers are officially banned in the walled city areas but see how they cannot be done away in entirety.
    If you are rich, lol, and live in a posh area, your kids can safely drive around. No problem. Better still put all the bikes on the back side of your Innova and go to Nehru Park or Lodhi Garden. The former is better.

  4. Caitlin – yeah – we aren’t riding bikes here

    Lola – you need another bike – maybe i will bring you one back 😎

    Jasmeet – I get out and about you know – no sense staying in a flat all day – the parks are the only places bikes are safe but then the pedestrians better watch it. Lodhi and Nehru are lovely!

  5. You will succeed!
    Oh yes indeed!
    99 and 44/100ths percent

  6. I just love reading this!
    Write more, write more!!

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