Everywhere you look, there is a story…………….

In the U.S. things are cleaner and more organized and, in many ways, less interesting. One thing I will say about India is that it is NEVER, EVER boring. India is rich with history and stories. These pictures were taken in Lodhi Gardens in Delhi. Right there among the jogging paths and homeless dogs and gorgeous flowers are these historic buildings.



Sometimes things in India are a tad more complicated than they need be – this sign basically says – don’t mess with the monument.


And you can clearly see why India does not want its monuments messed with. They are stunning.


Now you know what this tomb is.



This seems to be part of a very cool fort – complete with towers and nooks and crannies.


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  1. Ah! Thought you guys lived in Bangalore. Which area of Delhi do you guys live?

  2. thank you for taking us w u.

  3. never ever boring? really? not even in traffic jams?

    Awesome awesome awesome pics! Reading your blog is becoming like a 10 minute vacation everyday. Like that cab-driver (Jamie Fox?) from Collateral…thank you!!!

  4. I want to visit Delhi!

    There seems to be so much open space there! Is this true for the rest of Delhi? I really miss open space in Mumbai… really so very much… cannot wait for my next trip to Lithuanian 🙂

  5. Namaste Jurate ji,
    Im a native of Delhi but frequent Bombay. To me Bombay is a mela, at every nook and corner there’s something going on. Perhaps some open spaces in South Bombay (SoBo) and towards Chembur but nothing in the Suburbs. Delhi certainly has more open spaces many of which are from the Mughal era including the above – Lodhi Garden. Which part of Bombay do you live in?

  6. I don’t think I’d call the US boring. I think you’re just not accustomed to the stories you find in new places. We’re used to the stories here.

  7. Paul – not too far from the American Embassy

    Pam – thank you for coming along

    Badass – I wish I had your mad camera skills – I could show the sights off a little better

    Deep – traffic is one of the least boring things around here! 😎

    Jurate – if you come please let me know – we can have lunch! I would love it!
    There are some parks and some neighborhoods have small play areas – but many of the neighborhoods are house on top of house – it is not all wide open. The roof top terraces are amazing though!

    Miss Grace – I can promise that driving down the road in the U.S. will be very boring compared to here! It is all so random – there is something unexpected at every single turn – I think the U.S. is more organized. You see things where you expect to see them for the most part.

  8. Hey, there are lots of lovely monuments, you could spend months if you’re interested. One of my favourites was Tughlaqabad and the mosque of Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq. There there’s Feroze Shah Kotla, Purana Qila, Hauz Khas…

  9. Ha! The only area not “too far” from the American Embassy is Sarojini Nagar, for all other you have to cross at least one traffic light. lol

  10. Time Magazine once named Lodhi Garden as the best urban Oasis in the whole of Asia comparable to the Central Park in NYC.

  11. poupee – I have not heard from you in a while – welcome back – I will check those out – thanks for sharing

    Paul – it is indeed an Oasis. We aren’t next door to the Am. Emb. – just not too far – and I went back to Sarojini today – I love that market

  12. SN is my fav as well apart from Khan Market and the little market at Jor Bagh, which is almost like a place from good dream. SN is where my father was born and brought up. It used to be a sleepy market where people would come to shop for their daily needs, unlike what it has become today – a full fledged market.
    I knew you couldn’t be next door to the Embassy, unless you or your husband is an Ambassador or a High Commissioner of some country lol.
    Very few private houses in Chanakya Puri which only a Bill Gates or a Lakshmi Mittal could afford. I guess the only place where one could find a house would be those areas along West End like Anand Niketan, Shanti Niketan etc etc. My guess is that you live somewhere there. All other areas around Chanakya Puri are for government accommodations, Sarojini Nagar included. 🙂
    Try Nehru Park, its opposite the Australian High Commission, its quite good as well.

  13. I am so loving this India adventure you are taking me on!!!! Thanks!

  14. Rhonda – and I love having you with me!

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