Coke light……..

A while ago, I mentioned that they have little bitty coke cans here and I promised to post a picture of one. You can stop holding your breath, it is finally here. It may not seem as adorable via my blog as it does in person, but it really is cute. I am not sure what the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Light is – maybe the Coke Light is, well, lighter.


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  1. Wow! I’ve never seen these cans, or even heard of Coke Light. I’ll have to look out for this stuff. Thanks.

  2. the 1st time i saw them were in FL. i have seen them around here (faifax, va) they r cute little cans! what a life we have, talking about cute little coke cans 🙂

    i will have some for u when u come back HOME!!


  3. The smaller one is definitely a two-gulper.

  4. Deep – they are adorable

    Pam – you are too kind! I will expect a cold one at the pool.

    Badass – two gulps on a good day!

  5. thats all good…but what i really want is a cherry coke…or a dr. pepper…

    =*( can’t seem to find anything on those lines here

  6. m2thes – You can get Cherry Coke at the American Embassy Club snack bar if you are a member and I did find diet dr. pepper at the INA market – but it was flat and awful – I am just sticking with diet coke. I do miss my pepper though!

  7. Very cute cans! We get Halloween sodas like that, grape and orange, but I’ve never seen the Coke. Granted, I don’t drink soda…

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