I came, I wrote, I got interviewed……….

The Indian Express is a newspaper and a journalist from the paper named Shoba wrote an article about expats who are blogging in India. Are you serious? Yes, I am – she included my blog in her article.


Thanks again for following along on my journey!

If you want to read what the other bloggers mentioned in the article are writing about India – you can follow these links:

A Girl From Foreign – this is Jurate who comments on my blog – hi Jurate!

Paul Ancheta

American Expats in India

Our Delhi Struggle

Cindy Bajema

11 Responses to I came, I wrote, I got interviewed……….

  1. Hahaha Hi! :o)

    Congrats! It was great seeing you in the article. It’s very impressive how many clicks your blog gets daily! But not surprising, I myself come to read it every day :o)

  2. P.S.: when will I learn to make correct smileys 🙂 I have this habit of writing it as : o )

  3. Hey Jurate – I read yours too – it was so fun to be taken seriously as a writer!

  4. Congrats! Great stuff…

  5. Hey, you’re famous! Just remember who was one of your very first commenters 😉

  6. Deep – thanks – it was fun

    Lola – are you kidding me? Pluhlease! I can’t forget you – I am looking all over this place for an ornamented swine. 😉

  7. And I knew you way back when. I told you when you started this blog that you would make a great columnist so I predict when you arrive back to the US you will get a position with a major paper – maybe the NY Times???

  8. Good Job.

  9. Josie – You are too funny!

    Tottsmom – thanks

  10. Hey..You are funny!

  11. Congrats! Now India is learning what the rest of us who were down from jump street already knew: you are a terrific writer! (-:

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