Please do the needful……..

This is the sticky note that number one hubby gets on his desk sometimes. “Please do the needful.” It really means – do this or, usually, sign this. But the Indian people seem so polite that they almost make it sound poetic. Maybe it makes you want to be more helpful.

When I call India, I call through an operator. S/he is always so polite – “please be on the line, please hold the line”. Really, no wonder we sought out the Indian people for call centers!

So, I am looking forward to hearing all the different ways that English can be used. It makes me slow down and listen too – I need to do that. Accents can be heavy – and I am sure they will feel the same about mine. But I cannot wait to hear and maybe even adopt some of their expressions.

One other thing that was very fun to see was this…


If this is how they treat t-shirts, imagine how they treat people. These are my husband’s t-shirts – I am sorry, undershirts. They aren’t even t-shirts. And they are treated with such care. Yes, you are seeing this correctly – they are indeed wrapped in clear plastic, with clips and cardboard support. Believe you me, they do not look like that when I wash them! India, here we come!

My own personal post it note also says “please do the needful.” I am off to pack. Ta Ta for Now. And yes, Please hold the line.

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  1. WOW!! Wish I could have someone do MY laundry that way!! You are going to have so much fun Ellen!!! There will be so many experiences, I can’t even imagine! My hubby and I’s number one goal in life is to sell everything one day and just travel the world….live simplisticly…give up all the worldly possessions, and see the wonderful world God created! We’ve already started the process by selling the big house and a lot of the stuff, and each move we make we’re trying to get smaller and smaller in our living space and things… needless to say I’m “coveting” your trip and all the great things you are going to see and do over there!! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!!!! 😎

  2. Welcome & enjoy the ride….

  3. here here Rhonda, Reason2,you’re going to have a blast, and so are the kids. Especially if you get a kick out of accents and alternative English use / abuse (-:
    The Japanese have a version of English that sometimes makes me wonder “now why didn”t the British think of that?” LOL (-;


  4. Rhonda – pack on up and come visit!

    Loco – That made me laugh – why didn’t the British think of that – good one!

  5. Oh, my! I don’t even iron T-shirts. You might just love India 😉 I’m going to write, “Please do the needful” on my next list of chores for the husband and see how that goes…

  6. Ummm…I think they only do that to things, people get treated very unevenly. It’s just that things get dirty and dusty in India (the houses are not as well sealed as in the west) so the plastic wrapping is protection. This must be some upscale laundry, however. Unless you have domestic help to iron, in general the neighborhood dhobi (washerman) will iron the clothes on his little cart at the end of the street. You give them to him or her in the morning and they get returned in the evening, wrapped in an old cotton sari or blanket.

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  8. After a few years and a few hundred “do the needful” emails, I decided that humor was the best answer

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