The Scarlet “T”………

UPDATE: After hearing much discussion from my neighbors about the letters they have gotten re: their trash not being appropriately located – well, I jumped to assumptions on this one – it turns out that the person who was on my property is not on the HOA board and is apparently not employed by the HOA board either. (That might lead to another blog about why he was here, but probably not.) So, I apologize for making assumptions and I pledge to better place my trash can – I cannot promise anything on the Halloween decorations though. I do my best.  Really, I do. I am sure to get a scarlet letter of one sort or the other but it will not be an A (ever) and it apparently won’t be a T either.

You know I am always trying to look at the bright side – so I will say this – our HOA is attentive – they read my blog after all – they may not be fans – but they read it – at least once.

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  1. I love candy cigarettes! As you can imagine, I would NEVER survive in a “neighborhood.” We have an upper cool part of the street and a lower part that gives us the hairy eyeball. It’s all good!

  2. Lola – yeah you wouldn’t like it here – I love it here – but just want them to leave my trash can alone.

  3. Ellen, too funny. Our new neighborhood elected NOT to have a neighborhood association. The houses are all very nice, and guess what everybody takes care of thier own stuff, and its all good. Yahoo. SC is not perfect, but I must say I DO NOT MISS my HOAS at all! Good luck with the trash, rules are rules you know!

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