Cool Rider……..

Grease was a great movie – but Grease 2 now that is a classic. Michelle Pfieffer probably does not brag about playing Stephanie Zinone but she was great and I love, love, loved the song “Cool Rider”. We even played it at our last birthday party. Cooooool Rider, cool, cool, cool, rider…………………..

Number One Hubby used to own a motorcycle. It was pretty cool – as far as motorcycles go. And I know he would admit that I did not give him a hard time about owning, or for that matter, riding it. He actually spent more time working on it than riding it. He’s a smart guy – he took the whole thing apart – sent parts out to be chromed, painted, and jazzed up in one way or another. Then, by his lonesome, put the whole thing back together. Amazing. Very impressive.

Oh yeah – there was the one little issue with the brakes – but he got that fixed. Apparently, he didn’t quite put those together exactly right. Details.

I even rode on it ONCE (before he took it apart). However, I am not a big fan of my kids parents both being on a motorcycle at the same time. Call me boring – but it’s just not worth it. So you can imagine how I feel about moving to India right at this moment.

Still no decisions…

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  1. I loved Grease, but I never saw Grease II for some reason. I’m with you on the two parents on a motorcycle thing. I always rode on my husband’s Harleys, but I just don’t believe both of us should be on one now that we have our son.

    We did, however, work out a deal where my BFF rides with my husband and she rides with mine. Keeps the guys happy, we have some fun, and at least we’re lowering the odds a bit.

    No decisions, meaning you might not move?

  2. What I meant to say is I ride with her husband and she rides with mine. Duh! Mama needs to sleep now!

  3. Lola – you are a braver woman than me!

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