tick tick tick – DING

Did you see that little number over there on the left? Blog stats – it just changed to 1,000. That means 1,000 times someone checked in to see what I was writing – that is very cool! Thank you for caring! And, believe me, I have tried to see if I can boost the number by logging in and out of the site. WordPress must have a stealth detector – it knows it’s me everytime and does not increase my stats when I log in. So thank you for following my journey – McDonalds better watch out – I am creeping up on their schmancy fancy¬† “over 1 billion served”. How do you like me now??? By tomorrow, I am sure to be able to say “over 1,000 served”.

Hugs and kisses to you all. Maybe I will give out a prize from India when I hit 10,000 served. Hmmmmm.

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  1. You’re funny! Consider me served…
    I live in japan and here they have these guys who it’s actually their job to sit in front of stations and department stores and what not with a little hand gizmo. They stare straight ahead and press the button every time a person passes. they look sooooo serious. It seems like a s**t job to me Nevertheless, that’s how I watch my hit count (-: You’re not alone…welcome to 4 digits.

  2. I cannot believe I have a reader in Japan – how cool is that????? I read some of your blog – very interesting – thanks for sharing – I will keep going back to read more. I am very impressed that you have over 5,000 people following your blog – something new to aspire too!

  3. Well, thanks…yep I’m in Asia too. thanks for checking my blog and I’ll continue to check yours out as well.
    5000 is nothing…I want 10 figures (-:


  4. did you see I already hit 1,030? YAHOO! 10 figures would be tres cool! I’ll shoot for that too.

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