Things are looking up…

I just found out that there is a city in India called Hyderabad. AKA – the City of Pearls. Now we are talking. I don’t know what I have been so worried about. What could be wrong with a country that has a city named after pearls. And I was a Chi Omega – our stone is a pearlĀ  – this was meant to be.


Please don’t bring me down by reminding me of the Yellow Brick Road – it looked so shiny and bright – but really not so much – there was that whole crazy wizard at the end and the flying monkeys. That didn’t go so well. Yeah, I know, we’re not in Kansas any more. But Dorothy took care of the witch so I shouldn’t need the ruby slippers – but pearls. Hmmm. That’s another story.

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  1. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that a certain blog writer received some very nice Pearl jewelry last year when her husband returned from a trip to Hyderabad.

  2. Yes dear, but you can block the name of a city out of your memory when you are blinded by the jewelry. Now I am looking for the bright side of things…I love you! P.S. Bring more jewelry.

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